Tuesday, October 20, 2009

50 Things About Me

These are the 50 random things that somewhat define me including my quotations that are mostly experience based. You will see it's a random collection and to be taken lightly. Its an attempt to sort of introspect and let others know little bit more about me, just in case anyone is interested.

50. Enjoy interaction. Humans are the most beautiful and complicated creations.
49. Love soups.
48. One who loves dogs can't be unfaithful. Mostly.
47. Life is wonderful and death puts it into perspective.
46. I love love.
45. Good presentation is as important as the preparation.
44. I don't have a sweet tooth.
43. I am not superstitious.
42. I plan ahead and live in the moment.
41. Tell the truth. Always.
40. I have a inbuilt-radar for sincerity.
39. I have no favorites when it comes to colors. But red sure is a statement.
38. I don't know a lot of stuff but I do know where to look for information when I need it.
37. Money to me is a way to be able to help others.
36. Try to make the best out of any situation. But do apologize if you created the mess.
35. Treat others with the respect you give to yourself.
34. I don't tell my age unless you tell me how much you make.
33. I am frugal about shoes.
32. Stereotypes are not that bad.
31. I give what I think is the right advice. Even to people I don't like much.
30. I love to know more about healthy food but not when I am eating.
29. Kids are just the best thing. Enjoy them while you can.
28. Flowers are pretty but kindness is prettier. It's very underrated.
27. Hair is way overrated. If you are a good person who cares about what your hair look like.
26. Take control of your life or it controls you.
25. Read. It's old fashioned but still beats any other hobby.
24. Leave your footprint for future generations. Let this be your inspiration to be good.
23. Try something challenging yet sane. The line between bravery and stupidity is sometimes very blur. Especially at work.
22. I don't understand why even good people smoke or drink.
21. Some things are downright wrong and to make it right best way is to speak up. If it doesn't do any good shut up. And move on.
20. Celebrate just because.
19. Work hard. And work smart.
18. Watch movies with caution. It has stronger impact than you think.
17. Every day is different. A bad day just makes a good day worthwhile.
16. Don't eat meat. Neither good for you nor for environment.
15. You know what's right for you. If you don't, ask. But ask the right person.
14. Some people are mean. Accept it.
13. Some people are nice and to have them around is true blessing.
12. I don't believe in zodiac signs.
11. Cluttering is not good.
10. Aging is good. If you feel otherwise you're headed for disappointment, because time just moves forward.
9. I love the fact that everyone gets same hours a day, rich or poor.
8. When in doubt, think twice.
7. Surround yourself with things you love.
6. Going organic is hard but worth a shot.
5. Knitting is addictive.
4. So is painting but is not that time consuming.
3. If it doesn't sound right, it may not be right. Take precautions.
2. One size doesn't fit all, but there are exceptions.
1. Take the advice from someone who gives it sparingly.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Smiling Woman: Sketch


Smiling Woman
9 x 12
Graphite and charcoal on paper

This is a warm-up project for the color portrait I am planning to work on. It's done from a black and white picture that I saved from a magazine. When the reference is not too varied in colors it's rather easier to reproduce. But at the same time it's too easy to pinpoint the slips on likeness.

There are a couple of important lessons that I learnt during and after I finished. One, choose the right paper. I meant to use Bristol but used classic cream instead because I forgot! I need to remember this for all the future projects. Two, Charcoal and graphite don't mix too well. I used 2B of both but I had to cottonball most of the charcoal for smooth burnishing.

This project was the shortest of all so far in the similar category. It took me just a weekend. That's progress. I think it's quite bold of me when I say I feel ready for a commission if anyone brings.

For future, I plan on drawing from live models and getting some published stuff about what I know. Well, we will see how distant future am I talking about but I am sure...soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Gift

I had been looking forward to my birthday to claim this from my sweetheart. And now that he gave it to me I am just too happy! I received multiple things and this is the best - a colored pencil set all to myself!

I have done all the homework and ready to start my new project but I just want to make sure its perfect as I always imagined it to be. I can't really wait!