Monday, May 11, 2015

Come Join Me: New Project Nature

I am working on the latest art series themed Nature.  In this series plan is to create a number of artworks that will give a glimpse of the offerings of nature.
Paintings will range from flowers to landscapes, abstract interpretation to realistic animal portraits and everything in between.
Once finished, it will be submitted for public viewing, publishing, and sale.


The painting will begin asap and the series will end by June, 2015.

The preparation of the work involves following:
  • Visiting the parks, farms, and zoos.
  • Plein- air studies - rough sketches and drawings
  • Taking photographs of the flowers, fauna, hills, animals - everything around us.
  • Saving pictures from the 'net and securing permission from the photographers.
You are Invited

Please come  join me in this project.  If you have any ideas or photos that you would like me to paint, please feel free to contact me. I will be very happy to discuss it with you in my studio, online or over the phone.

You can share your pictures.  You will receive the photo credit.
Also, I will post the cross reference to your blog or a social media shout-out, whichever you prefer.
Any details about the image will help adding more dimension to the work. So, please feel free to elaborate on what, where, and why about the image.

You can share pictures taken by others as well. If sharing pictures for which you are not the photographer, please make sure you photocredit the person and secure the permission for the use of the images.

What kind of images will work best?
  • Exotic animals, flowers, fruits, especially those I don't have access to photograph myself
  • Natural scenery - interesting compositions, colors, water, unusual angles 
  • Your own pets 
  • Anything that you think can relate to beauty of nature

Contact Information

You can leave a comment here, or on facebook or linkedin.
You can also email me at with Nature in the subject line.

I would look forward to hear from you!