Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drapery : Some Warm-up

A purely academical way to acquaint ourself to the details of the folds, creases and shadow-play on the fabric.

A practice work on paper using pencil. Artificial lighting. The fabric is placed on edge of the board with another corner pinned back on the board surface.

Having to use just one color, forces to separate the different shades and hence add the depth.

New Series: Friends

I am finally back from my trip and after some unpacking and likes, its time to get back to work.

This journal entry shall keep track of the work being done for the forthcoming series Friends.

The first of the ideas was to record everyday progress in a log to keep things under order and etch out a clear direction for what's to come. So, here's to very first entry:

Day 1:

I spoke to potential models about their availability and sorting out the schedule clashes. Overall, I am happy at the response and the shared enthusiasm. 

I have been meaning to keep the medium/size consistent for the series, but I am now questioning this decision as to is it necessary? Will surely get back at this as we move on.