Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 19 - 21 (Aug 25 - 27) : Weblog Update

Its getting close to a 30 day mark! Kind of a milestone figure for this series. This is a beautiful number if you think about it. "Do something for thirty days and becomes a habit!"  So, I look forward to keep working this way til I hit 30. And assuming, by then, it will be my habit to paint routinely, I will be all set for the remainder of the work.

It also makes me want to work harder to convince myself to set higher goals and chasing after it!

This week I changed the medium. Little bit. From soft pastels to oil.

There are some techniques that are common for both types of pastels but I feel, the output is dramatically different.

Both are, however, not interchangeable. Both have merits and limitations in setting the mood, building the layers, and delivering the results.

This week, I created two paintings, start to finish. Its part of another deadline that I had to chase. Both are differently themed and somewhat loose in approach of portraiture.

Day 14 - 18 (Aug 18 - 22): Weblog Update

This past week, there was a deadline to meet. This just made me slow down on my series Friends. Which, in fact, is a good thing, given it gave me a chance to do the squint eye test on the project as a whole. After a full week of planning, preparing, working and executing Friends , this welcome distraction came as a pressure valve. 

Looking back, I can say, it has helped me get back to work rather fondly.

Before calling it a week, I had, finally, finished  model 1 for the series.  Airbrushed and ready to frame!  Details of the portrait process can be found here. I would look forward to some good references for the framers at this point. I keep looking...

As a side note, I have been reading Picasso lately.

It made me quite amazed by the depth and breadth of the work by this genius. I also feel there has been many places where he's routinely quoted out of context. He had deservedly earned the respect and legendary fame.

Another book on the reading list is, Ajanta Caves. It is a a beautiful reference book for anyone interested in enjoying the historical arts. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pastel Portrait Process

Here is the finished portrait that got completed last week.

18 x 24.5
Soft pastels on paper

I have compiled the process in a video. Not sure if that works here but let me try. Please see if this link works for you:

Here is direct youtube link, just in case.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sweet Tomatoes

This piece was created in Fall of 2011.

   Sweet Tomatoes
20" x 16"
Oil on

Recently I  donated the above painting to Epicurean Delights. This will be used for a good cause, raising money for charity. I am happy the admin suggested that. Thank you, Shalini!

The composition involved fresh ripe tomatoes, a small latern, and an everyday cup. The idea was to show the tomatoes sliding off of a a basket onto the table. I tried to reflect time of Fall by fresh harvest and barely visible dried leaves.

I remember almost abandoning this painting in the middle when I first started. It seemed like just too much work. The lantern's colors seemed impossible to imitate.

But, I kept trying. Finally, piece by piece, it all came together.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 11 - 13 (Aug 13 - 15): Portraits Taking Shape

Let me begin with a huge thanks to the models without whom this series would be impossible. Thank you for taking time to be a part of it.

Because of you, in the past couple of days:

  • I had gotten four portraits started
  • Prepped and primed a board
  • Completed a charcoal/ pencil prep study
  • One study of a model who offered to hold the pose for almost 30 mins

You all are super special to me!

For those who haven't had the photoshoot yet, please bear with me. You are in the list and we will schedule as discussed. If you signed up but didn't hear from me, please send me a pm.

There will be no photoshoots in the coming week but I will keep updating here and on FB page.

Will get back on Monday. Till then!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 10 (Aug 12): Backstage Bustle

To celebrate the 10-day anniversary of the series related work, I had a review cum re-plan session. Bought some supplies, restocked paints, and organized the paperwork. This backstage work is usually not the fun part but essential and calming.

Created the framework for Tree of life and worked on some to-dos.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 9 (Aug 11): Pastel Portrait

Usually I don't draw before I paint. I start of with the paints and refine later. But this time I tried to do differently.

Sketch with charcoal. Some basic shapes and comparative placements.

After painting, this is what the face looks like.

Added hair. No background is developed nor the clothing. Again, this is something I usually don't do. I develop the entire area as a whole. Just not this time.

An exercise to get the right colortone with pastels.

The messy workarea,  appeals a lot. A reminiscent of the productive day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 4 to 8 (Aug 4 - 8): Summary of the last week

As the weekend approaches, it seems somewhat 

The week has passed and there are signs of progress. Its admittedly slow but acceptable.

Reading, photoshoots, painting, no-shows, research, and some unplanned stuff - the week was thoroughly packed and productive.

For the next week:

1. There will be one full and final portrait ready
2. Frame it
3. Finish the last chapter of the book that I am reading
4. Fill those pending forms
5. Order that golden paint, I had been meaning since forever

More next week.

Happy weekend!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 1: Day 3

The day can be summed up in a picture log:

 As it all begins. With a blank canvas:

The tools of the choice. Some stay, some go:

The other medium is considered as well:

Then compared to what other stuff might work:

After some choices, some selections are made and this is what the palette looks like:

And after a while, a face starts to emerge. This angle of the face is a bit challenge, but we will judge after it is finished. This is after first hour:

Finished painting will be shared soon.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July 31: Day 2

Some things are just too hard to miss. One such thing was this door. Look closely.

There seems to be a story to be told. The colors are too distracting for the motivation to unlock what the door is hiding behind. But there is more just on the outside.

Simple construction of the door confirms the age of the material, which probably goes all the way back to say one hundred years. The wall against it, appears to be constructed fairly recently compared to the door. The arch at the top of the entryway is covering the  corners of the rectangular doors that would otherwise have matched to the opening like a congruous shape. Its somewhat hinders the view, thus, creating a slight disturbance in the harmony and grandeur of this otherwise magnificent piece.

Barring that, there is an interesting shape play between those tiny squares and the scallops at the bottom. All matchy-matchy. Yet so different. The ones above are are sharp, hard and dominantly standing stacked up as if to rudely register dominance over what neatly lies under a meek blue horizontal line in a complete surrender. Makes look the door almost king-like.

Day 2:

Some preparation is underway. A recent doctor's visit slowed the process but not for long. More tomorrow!