Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Project : Friends

Thank you friends!

As my prior ideas about arts generated a positive vibe I would like to announce the new and officially the first project of this kind where the paintings will be created as a part of series. For this series, I would like to have you as a model.

Its an enrichment project  and a learning opportunity for me as a new artist.

Call for models

For this project you are all invited to participate as a model.
Anyone in  the range of 14 - 50 can take part. 
The portraits will be painted from your photos that I will take. So, you don't have to sit for the paintings.

The photoshoot would be 20 to 40 minutes long, followed by a get-to-know session. It would include a small introduction and discussion about details of the process. We will discuss your likes, dislikes, favorite color, and stuff like that. A mini interview, if you like.
Based on this session, I will paint your portrait.

You don't have to be present for painting part. But you can always check on the progress. In fact, I will regularly update you on the progress.

This project will begin towards the end of July or beginning of August and would continue until around Christmas/ New Year.

I will hand out more information and other details as a followup and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

For the exhibition purposes, your personal information will not be revealed. 

About me:

I am a beginner artist trying to make a difference with my love of portraiture.
For my sample work please visit this post.

I work from my home-studio based out of Bay Area. So, if you are local  you can visit when you like!

Project Info:

This series Friends will be created for an exhibition.

It will be a collection of portrait paintings created around a theme.

The portraits will be painted from photographs selected from the ones that I would take. Model can bring  the pictures of their liking. If you are not available for the picture shoots but would like to participate, we can set up a phone call where we can discuss how you may have your own pictures taken and sent over for the painted portraits.

During photoshoot, I will try to capture the personality as a whole. Likes, dislikes, favorite color, special interests, hobbies, and any other information that you'd like to share. If we have already met, the photoshoot time would be really short.

I am planning to paint over 20 portraits but only 12- 14 will make the final cut for the exhibition.

The painted portraits will be used for the purpose of art enrichment such as exhibition and will be available for sale after that.


Any prints of the portraits will be made available to the model free of cost.
The model can buy their original portrait after it's been exhibited.
It is a volunteering  opportunity for the art project.

For more information:

Leave a comment below, or
comment or PM me at my facebook page or 
mail me at bhavnamisra@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you soon!



ANU said...

Hi this is very interesting I would love to be a model. Kindly let me know hot to progress on this

Bhavna said...

Hi Anu,

Its very exciting for me too! Please can you mail me your number or email so that I can discuss further details with you.

Best wishes,

Bhavna said...
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Pooja Shah said...
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Pooja Shah said...

Read abt it on Ed and would like to be a model bt I am in LA. dont know if that works for you

Bhavna said...

Hello Pooja,

Thank you for the interest.

Sure, you can participate. I prefer to take the pics myself but if you can absolutely not make it, we can discuss the alternatives.

Please send me your email so that I can mail you the guidelines on how to have your picture taken.

Let me know,