Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Class - Day 6 & 7


In this week we learnt to draw a female torso. It required correct measurements and the right proportion of each of the part in relation to one another.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bubblegum Sweater


I can't believe I finished this one! Thanks to the Ravolympics challenge, I finally had the inspiration to sew and get the pullover ready.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Class - Day 5


This was the only class of this week due to a holiday on Monday. We had critique of our first homework. It went well and we got a chance to appreciate the work of others and how varied the creative process could be. Next time, I will try to elaborate on the entire work in better step-by-step manner for our grades depend on it.

For the rest of the time we worked on the leftover cast work. It moved forward a few inches but I like the development.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Class - Day 3 & 4


This class was what I had been waiting for so long. Mr. Wu arranged some random items on the model stand and asked us to pick any three for our still-life. OK, that means, 1) Pick an angle that gives you the correct composition, that is two overlapping items at the right place, 2) Make sure the composition has interest, 3) Make a correct line drawing, and finally 4) Reflect smooth value changes. 'Oh, so just start?' I thought. Woah, that's awesome! I was sure I could handle that.

I got down to the line drawing and within first half and hour or so, I had had the correct composition ready. Then I added the values. Did I mention we had to use only vine charcoal? Well yes, just that. From this point on, all I had to do was to shade. Which I did, to a level of my satisfaction. I almost finished it before the class ended. I think I did a good job.

I took a critical look at this from a distance and I felt, there were a lot of darker shades that was not dark enough and could use some more work. The instructor agreed. So, that I leave for the next still-life. Great exposure, good practice, and a lot of learning. I loved it.

Day 4

We first had a demo on plastercast drawing. Once it was complete, then it was our turn to practice on a different cast. For the assigned time of an hour or so, I did my best and I think this calls for a picture which I hope to post soon. Mine turned out to be okay and with practice, I am sure there is a lot of scope of improvement.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art Class - Day 2


The class has finally begun with real drawing practice. We discussed vantage point (VP), perspective, composition and relative values.

Vantage point is the way we look at things. We assume the horizon as the eye level. Anything above this level, such as clouds, appear receding if they go higher. Conversely, anything below eye-level would appear closer to the viewer as they go further down.

For 2-point perspective, things are seen from LV and RV together so that the content appear 3-dimensional, as in the real life. This is interesting. I love it. We got the first homework based on this. I hope to finish this homework with atleast 3 or 4 variations.

We had demonstration on 2PP - circles developing into ball, cubes and cylinders into bottles and so on.

Before the next demo we discussed the right elements for the correct composition including frame-viewer, number of items, and control on light. The instructor arranged a book, a bottle, and a cube on the model stand. Then he directed the light in such a away that the two overlapping objects are closer to the source. The demonstration was quick and very clear. Soon we had a beautiful still life on the demo-sketch.

The class dismissed with this. In the next class we will get our turn on still life and I hope to have some pics to post here.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Class - Day 1


The dream has finally come true! I always wanted to take formal lessons in drawing and learn where I can improve. So I did some research in my area to find a place that would offer some classes of interest. It's then I came across a wonderful artist, Jian Wu. His work is absolute classic. He teaches at the community college and also gives private lessons. His classes were mostly at the day-time and I cannot attend that due to familial obligations. So, I contacted his studio and requested for the schedule. He gladly accepted to provide but for some reason things didn't work out at that time from my side.

Then I contacted another good artist who said she would contact me but didn't due to some personal problems. Read left this country. I kept the search open but most artists were either teaching kids only or were beyond my budget. So this year, I applied in the local community college for an affordable evening session under a TBA instructor. I had to believe how lucky I was (thank you family!) when I found out that Prof Wu is teaching this class! I thrillingly waited for the start of the class. Slowly but finally the wait was over.

For the first day of my class I sharpened my pencils and rearranged the lately untouched sketch-pad. I went to the class on time and mused over the uniqueness of attending this class. For the first time I am taking any non-Science course. And that too, in a class-room setting. Did I mention, I was thrilled! I am already loving the idea of my yet to create art-work being critiqued in coming sessions.

I had to take my little honey-bunch with me due to some impromptu situation. 'Ok, we will see what happens' - I thought. Instructor okayed her presence as long as she stayed quiet. To my surprise she not only cooperated but in fact liked the class. She curiously watched ASL interpreter who were there to help the instructor. She closely observed their hand gestures and their animated delivery. It held her attention not for long but that seemed to motivate her for more surprises in a class in 'college'. It shortly came in the form of a slide show in near dark. Soon after I knew she was eager to leave as her whispering grew louder and more frequent with every passing minute. It's sort of coincidental that she often says that she would rather go to a college than a school. We never thought she would actually do that. The class ended soon after. Little earlier than the regular time. Next time on, it will be on for its entire duration.

Before we left, we were given supplies' list and the big-picture of the overall course-work. I have most of the stuff but I might need some more as we go forward. We are encouraged to draw everyday for the rest of our days if we really want to improve. Well, I want to, so I will. I hope.