Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art Class - Day 2


The class has finally begun with real drawing practice. We discussed vantage point (VP), perspective, composition and relative values.

Vantage point is the way we look at things. We assume the horizon as the eye level. Anything above this level, such as clouds, appear receding if they go higher. Conversely, anything below eye-level would appear closer to the viewer as they go further down.

For 2-point perspective, things are seen from LV and RV together so that the content appear 3-dimensional, as in the real life. This is interesting. I love it. We got the first homework based on this. I hope to finish this homework with atleast 3 or 4 variations.

We had demonstration on 2PP - circles developing into ball, cubes and cylinders into bottles and so on.

Before the next demo we discussed the right elements for the correct composition including frame-viewer, number of items, and control on light. The instructor arranged a book, a bottle, and a cube on the model stand. Then he directed the light in such a away that the two overlapping objects are closer to the source. The demonstration was quick and very clear. Soon we had a beautiful still life on the demo-sketch.

The class dismissed with this. In the next class we will get our turn on still life and I hope to have some pics to post here.



Trish said...

Woww!! I am enjoying these posts..
BTW,sketched something ..take a look.

Bhavna said...

Hey thanks! I am glad you liked it. Sketching makes you really 'look' at things, the fact is an eye-opener, pun intended. :-)