Thursday, November 10, 2011


The first part of the class is dedicated to the plein air. And I tried alla prima. The result is somewhat this.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are you ready for Halloween?


I watch tons of movies and remember practically everything about them. Yes, seriously! And I am told I am a smart movie viewer and asked to be a reviewer. I accept the former and will consider the later part :-)

Anyhow, I watched Invictus and have to give three cheers to the director. He is a excellent storyteller and showman.

The story is woven around the new era of South Africa after Mandela took over as the new President. Actors have done their part well and the message of love and forgiveness has been conveyed effortlessly. "Try to forgive and you will overcome the fear." He says to one of his bodyguards when he is hesitant to accept new team of staff under his subordination. That sort of nails it. Another moving scene is one in which Francois visits the prison where Mendela was held of over three decades. He simply gets overwhelmed by the enormity of the heart of the man who holds no grudges whatsoever and dreams of a nation free of hatred.

I loved the movie. I like 'based on true stories' stuff anyway, but when its done sincerely it makes you feel good inside out. This one gets my recommendation. You can sure watch it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Days and Festival Season

The days are shorter but brighter as the Fall finally settles in.  The day begins with hazy mornings, progresses with welcoming Sun, slows with unpredictable showers, and may end sooner than you expect. This season is almost synonymous with life, isn't it?

This just distracted me. I wanted to write about the colors of Fall that I saw in the pictures of North Carolina but I am shocked still by the news of sudden (yet not so unpredictable, afterall) passing away of Jobs. Death is dubbed as the ultimate truth and yet something we cannot ever prepare ourselves for. How strange is that! And how depressing. There should be a better way to handle things than this.

Have you see a movie 'Fast Food Nation'. Based on a book, it shows how meaningless life could be. Animals, humans - nothing matters much! Oh well, the power of thoughts! Makes you sad and can make you happy... We choose to be happy. Most times. Its just a state of mind, right?

I guess the post unfairly dampened with depressing thoughts. Not right for this beautiful day and so let me  sign off with a happy note by recognizing the special people who make things worthwhile, who make others feel better.  And we are lucky to have them around. I love you back!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painting - why we paint

Its almost a fourth week into the painting class that I am taking. There is so much opportunity to grasp what's all been there since forever. I still ponder over 'why I paint' questions, get confused when no sensible answer pops out and then try to go deeper into or out of the paintings to seek wisdom.

There are more wider canvases to paint, beyond myself, beyond my surroundings and beyond everything that meets to the eye. And often this emotional aspect of journey dwarfs the physical one. I know other people face similar tussle among themselves, a process of self evolution, so private yet so impersonal. And that helps me put things into perspective.

Things uncover for the better or for worse, there is this spark that makes you to to rise to the occasion. I hope this hurry, this rush, this urgency gets me to my right answers sooner! 
Why, if you read this, do you paint?

The color purple

The colors have immense power, we all know that. Black is synonym of dark, white for light, red, is almost a statement. But I never realized the power of color purple. The color of shade, the shadow, the negative space! Boy, does it do wonders to the canvas. How it changes the mood, how it enhances the ambiance, how it fills the void and how it calms you down.

One doesn't have to be an artist to appreciate what a color holds within. A surprise, a provocation, a curiosity, and a deafening silence! Its magical. Its musical. Its pure fun. One has to experience their own color. Yes, their own color. That holds an entire canvas together, like a undercurrent through the painted scene. A harmony than keeps everything balanced.

I had to share what plein air taught me - the sense of immediacy. The light changes as the painting progresses and the artist moves further within the realm of the work. One moves another races. Who wins - only one can say. There is no right answer to that one. And that's the thrill. The artist knows when he won or won. There is no loss only a fleeting moment of the feeling of not winning, if at all.

Just like life, you see what you choose to see. And that's the way it should be. Compassion, concentration and a hope for the best. Things just happen. Keep smiling!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fall - Season of Colors

I recently closed the blog on my firstborn soon after she turned 5.  As I reflect on it the journey of five years seemed just too brief, punctuated by special moments and milestones. Look, here she started her kindergarten. Really? She barely learnt to walk yesterday, didn't she? No dear,  it is that long already! Now it's the turn of the little one's to take his first step any day now. Boy, time does fly faster when you have so much affection flowing all around you.

Kids have a way to invoke what lies deep within. You never think you could ever be able to that giving or forgiving for that matter...and yet, you do without much effort. Its amazing how our perspective for life changes as the time passes. What you were in your twenties, are no longer in thirties and most definitely in your forties (have yet to experience that, no rush, seriously!).

As my birthday approaches, I take the moment to take a moment to thank everyone who ever made an impression on me and turning me into the person I am now. I think, I sure do know now what I do not want to be. Guess that wisdom comes from years that follow late twenties :-) Having said that, I will sign off with the note that I hope to be more regular on this online journal so that I can be more accountable to myself.

I will post what's new and how things are moving forward. Let me know (via comment) how things are at your end?