Thursday, October 27, 2011


I watch tons of movies and remember practically everything about them. Yes, seriously! And I am told I am a smart movie viewer and asked to be a reviewer. I accept the former and will consider the later part :-)

Anyhow, I watched Invictus and have to give three cheers to the director. He is a excellent storyteller and showman.

The story is woven around the new era of South Africa after Mandela took over as the new President. Actors have done their part well and the message of love and forgiveness has been conveyed effortlessly. "Try to forgive and you will overcome the fear." He says to one of his bodyguards when he is hesitant to accept new team of staff under his subordination. That sort of nails it. Another moving scene is one in which Francois visits the prison where Mendela was held of over three decades. He simply gets overwhelmed by the enormity of the heart of the man who holds no grudges whatsoever and dreams of a nation free of hatred.

I loved the movie. I like 'based on true stories' stuff anyway, but when its done sincerely it makes you feel good inside out. This one gets my recommendation. You can sure watch it.

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Reshma Sanjeev said...

I will have to watch this. Is it on Netflix or Hulu?