Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Days and Festival Season

The days are shorter but brighter as the Fall finally settles in.  The day begins with hazy mornings, progresses with welcoming Sun, slows with unpredictable showers, and may end sooner than you expect. This season is almost synonymous with life, isn't it?

This just distracted me. I wanted to write about the colors of Fall that I saw in the pictures of North Carolina but I am shocked still by the news of sudden (yet not so unpredictable, afterall) passing away of Jobs. Death is dubbed as the ultimate truth and yet something we cannot ever prepare ourselves for. How strange is that! And how depressing. There should be a better way to handle things than this.

Have you see a movie 'Fast Food Nation'. Based on a book, it shows how meaningless life could be. Animals, humans - nothing matters much! Oh well, the power of thoughts! Makes you sad and can make you happy... We choose to be happy. Most times. Its just a state of mind, right?

I guess the post unfairly dampened with depressing thoughts. Not right for this beautiful day and so let me  sign off with a happy note by recognizing the special people who make things worthwhile, who make others feel better.  And we are lucky to have them around. I love you back!


sunitha said...

it is so true, an inevitable and certain truth that we all fail to come to terms with. Very meaningful post!

Bhavna said...

Thanks Sunitha! Thank you for reading. Emotions make us who we are. Its okay to let them have control over us, atleast once in while.