Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fall - Season of Colors

I recently closed the blog on my firstborn soon after she turned 5.  As I reflect on it the journey of five years seemed just too brief, punctuated by special moments and milestones. Look, here she started her kindergarten. Really? She barely learnt to walk yesterday, didn't she? No dear,  it is that long already! Now it's the turn of the little one's to take his first step any day now. Boy, time does fly faster when you have so much affection flowing all around you.

Kids have a way to invoke what lies deep within. You never think you could ever be able to that giving or forgiving for that matter...and yet, you do without much effort. Its amazing how our perspective for life changes as the time passes. What you were in your twenties, are no longer in thirties and most definitely in your forties (have yet to experience that, no rush, seriously!).

As my birthday approaches, I take the moment to take a moment to thank everyone who ever made an impression on me and turning me into the person I am now. I think, I sure do know now what I do not want to be. Guess that wisdom comes from years that follow late twenties :-) Having said that, I will sign off with the note that I hope to be more regular on this online journal so that I can be more accountable to myself.

I will post what's new and how things are moving forward. Let me know (via comment) how things are at your end?

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