Friday, August 1, 2014

July 31: Day 2

Some things are just too hard to miss. One such thing was this door. Look closely.

There seems to be a story to be told. The colors are too distracting for the motivation to unlock what the door is hiding behind. But there is more just on the outside.

Simple construction of the door confirms the age of the material, which probably goes all the way back to say one hundred years. The wall against it, appears to be constructed fairly recently compared to the door. The arch at the top of the entryway is covering the  corners of the rectangular doors that would otherwise have matched to the opening like a congruous shape. Its somewhat hinders the view, thus, creating a slight disturbance in the harmony and grandeur of this otherwise magnificent piece.

Barring that, there is an interesting shape play between those tiny squares and the scallops at the bottom. All matchy-matchy. Yet so different. The ones above are are sharp, hard and dominantly standing stacked up as if to rudely register dominance over what neatly lies under a meek blue horizontal line in a complete surrender. Makes look the door almost king-like.

Day 2:

Some preparation is underway. A recent doctor's visit slowed the process but not for long. More tomorrow!

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