Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 19 - 21 (Aug 25 - 27) : Weblog Update

Its getting close to a 30 day mark! Kind of a milestone figure for this series. This is a beautiful number if you think about it. "Do something for thirty days and becomes a habit!"  So, I look forward to keep working this way til I hit 30. And assuming, by then, it will be my habit to paint routinely, I will be all set for the remainder of the work.

It also makes me want to work harder to convince myself to set higher goals and chasing after it!

This week I changed the medium. Little bit. From soft pastels to oil.

There are some techniques that are common for both types of pastels but I feel, the output is dramatically different.

Both are, however, not interchangeable. Both have merits and limitations in setting the mood, building the layers, and delivering the results.

This week, I created two paintings, start to finish. Its part of another deadline that I had to chase. Both are differently themed and somewhat loose in approach of portraiture.

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