Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sharing the Blog

 Today this blog becomes public. Mixed feelings.

Writing a journal is more or less an intimate issue. You write whatever your heart desires, as opposed to an open blog where you write with an intention of the post being read by others! The readers may or may not share your opinion, like or criticize your ideas and hopefully making it all a learning experience for both, the writer and the reader.


Ashwini said...

hey Bhavna,

really great...especially the knitted art.You must have a lot of patience and surely u have the talent. The model in the pics is cute :)


Bhavna said...
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Bhavna said...

Thanks Ashwini! That is Adya, the true inspiration behind the knitting work.

Omprakash R said...

Bhavna, Shubhashish

Nice preparations indeed.Both of

us are very happy to see your

blog.Also the information about

painting is really fantastic.

Papa and mummy