Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love to knit in Public?

Well, what do you know -


And I thought I was addicted until I met crazier than thou crowds who would spend ridiculous amount of time and money on knitting. It was about time when I took a step back and reassessed the priorities. Wham! And I know there are other things too.

But I am sure for many this is a great opportunity to show (off) and tell.


Kaur said...

I went to the link you refered to... I couldn't help noticing that it was arranged by The United States' National NeedleArts Association's - and then the wwkip is suposed to be "world wide"... How come American becomes "world wide"? I think Eupope is still Europe...but what do I know, I haven't read the newspapers for a couple of days...
- Not that I'm grumpy or anything ;-)

Bhavna said...

That hurts, I know!

If you select from the dropdown menu of the find a kip, it lists all the kip locations including including other continents.

Just in case you don't find the city or country of interest, you may request a new add. Hope that helps.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kaur said...

Of course...I have discovered that WWKIP is actually world wide! - LOL

Bhavna said...

Glad you did!