Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oranges - Graphite Pencil Sketch


These are three stages of this sketch, made with graphite pencil #2B on newsprint. For a beginner, it's a great medium to practice with.

I loved using graphite because of two reasons: it's easily erasable and it's cheap.

I would like to use charcoal and graphite for future sketches but I'd prefer charcoal. We'll see. If you draw, what's your favorite?



Anonymous said...

Lovely sketch. Have you thought about trying in colored pencils. I love working in Prismcolor pencils when I get the chance.

mazhalai said...


Bhavna said...


Prismacolor is on my wishlist. I will definitely try these for the portraits that I hope to start soon. I hear color adds warmth to the eyes that charcoal can not with it's limitation on spectrum.

Mazhalai, visited your site, the cake is yum!

SuKnitWitty said...

Graphite on good quality drawing paper lasts for a very long time with little or no deteriation of contrast or paper. I look back on my pencil drawing portfolio from quite sometime ago, and get itchy fingers to draw. Enjoyed viewing your art work...keep up the good work...nice to see realism. If you visit my blog check the side bar for Path To Paintings. Drawing is the basis for many art forms, I use it everyday in the art of Knitting and Quilting.

Alice McMahon White said...

Nice energetic drawing style! I used to use only graphite, but then I tried carbon pencil, for the deep blacks, and now charcoal, and I've never gone back! I always disliked the shiny surface of graphite, but the detail is easier with it. Charcoal seems more elemental and earthy to me, I love the rich matte blacks and the smudginess.

Thanks for the kind comment about my drawing. Yes, it's a self-portrait, but I'm working on bringing more models into the studio.

a strange boi said...

Hi Bhavna, thank you for your lovely comment. I saw you posted it a few days ago but I only saw it last night. I have abandoned my blog and have barely painted anything lately. However, thanks to you I am back at the easel. Your words have given me motivation to complete the Fates once and for all.

Love your blog btw, especially like this sketch. :)

Jenny Leggings said...


Bhavna said...

Thank you everyone! It just makes me feel so blessed when you stop by and take time to comment.

Faith said...

Love it!