Monday, November 9, 2009

Genius or Zaniness

I watched 'Factory Girl' few months ago and it brought back the debate that I had been having for a long time. What's genius? What is it anyway?

When it lurks at the borderline of madness, it just freaks the logic of true genius. Or may be that's the whole point! That of being on a completely different plane than the regular folks.

When we are provoked we are shocked, surprised, or confused. I think I am struggling with the last emotion at the time.

Is it both? What's absolutely amazing to some could be totally insane for others. They may have opposite views and still be correct. Well, that sort of makes sense. It really is about timing. If the timing is right, the new idea, the spark may turn into a trend, a tradition, a lifestyle, an icon, who knows what else.

That boils down to the knowledge of the right timing. Be it art, technology, retail, anything. (I think its making sense as I type this.) So many new ideas have died a premature death just because it was aired at the wrong time. There is no dearth of talent, smarts, and hard-work and still only a few make it to the top. Why? Because either they know how to recognize the right timing or they are lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

So there is hope. For everybody. Do your best and learn the art of projecting and presenting your ideas at the right time. Who knows you haven't recognized the genius within you until someone else points it for you.

If you haven't seen "Factory Girl", it's about Andy Warhol, the Campbell Soup guy. Question was if he was what he's been portrayed as or not?


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