Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stormy Weather

How much impact weather can have on us is most realized when it rains over the days. You are forced to restrict yourself indoors and the activities are prohibited to a great extent to the inside of the four walls of the home.

As a child the rains are absolute bliss. What can beat a chance to play in the free fall of water! Water everywhere...above below, right left and everywhere in between. Getting wet, splashing it all around, jumping in and out of muddy water puddles, making paper-boats everything is nothing short of magic.

In youth, the rain and the romance go hand in hand. You would give anything for a cozy stroll in rain with the loved one right next to you. The next best thing is to be with that special person in the toasty covers and listen to those drops splitting into tiny droplets in a mushy songlike rhythm.

With time, things change. The very idea of rain makes us ensure we have ways to avoid it or atleast prepare us to face it without it letting it us touch anywhere. We try to get out of the house when rains stop. If we have to leave the cozy home for anything we get set with raincoats, umbrellas and whatnot. And if we don't see the Sun for a few days, the spirits start sinking, so much so, people get moody, sad, and downright depressed. What a three-sixty degree shift!

Then finally with the parenthood comes that protective feeling that would make us keep those little ones inside the safe and dry. They might catch cold - although we have been told over and over by the doctors that it's not the cold but the virus that causes cold but in the heart of our hearts we just know it that we have to keep them warm.

Now we go full circle from here. Haven't we become our own parents. They would yell at us when we returned home in muddy clothes & shoes and dripping wet and mom would remind us continuously how bad is it out there and they'd make us promise as they changed us that we would never go out like that ever again. And we would do so only to get just one more chance to do that all over again.

So much for the collective fall of the drops from sky, the magical thing called - rain!

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