Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everybody is fine

Did I mention this before (in that case just ignore the rest of the sentence and read below)that I try not to read the synopsis of story of the movie before I watch it? Well, that's what I try to do. The reasons why I do that - one, it helps me enjoy it more thoroughly rather than coming to that turn where the rest is lying. Downside - sometimes I waste my time figuring out the point the director is making!

But I like to take that chance anyway. This week I saw "Everybody is fine". What can I say about this movie. You know, if a movie is about sad reality then there are two possibilities. Either it is good or bad. If bad, your time is wasted, but if it's done well it makes you feel connected to the story and hence more sad afterwards. So what's there to gain? Oh well, that's just me then.

This movie is beautiful. Makes you sad for obvious reasons. Parenting is never easy. There are things you wish you could change when there is no scope of change at all. Despite all good intentions, you have to lose control over the lives of your children, someday.

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