Monday, June 1, 2015

Project Nature: Update

Nature Project

As you know, for the research of the Nature project I have been doing most of the following:
  • Visiting the parks, farms, and zoos.
  • Plein- air studies - rough sketches and drawings
  • Taking photographs of the flowers, fauna, hills, animals - everything around us.
  • Saving pictures from the 'net and securing permission from the photographers.
I am happy to post that my recent trips resulted in some creative ideas and fun sub-projects. I got to learn some amazing facts about the wildlife and get a curious insight into the lives of domestic animals.

About Myself

Growing up in a hilly and untouristy part of  Himalayas sowed the seeds of  affection for wildlife and especially animals. Hours long walks through the forest followed by the climbing up the hill just to reach the school, seemed like a daily picnic that could beat any of those modern day hikings.

I never realized those unsupervised hide-and-seek sessions in the forests would lead to a life of  independence, curiosity, and decision making.

Just going with the flow was the  only way of life. And that encouraged us to lead simple lives, enjoy even simpler things in life, and securing many years of great health and tension-free lifestyle that we have now come to recognize and appreciate.

Later in life, this spontaneity transformed into greater respect for the nature as I grew up. The fascination that once educated and entertained, later, turned into focus of reverence.

About Nature Series

As life coaches you to choose better as you get older, this decision to bring the nature into the center stage of the creative process, seemed justified.

But as I explore, I am further humbled by her magnificence. Its huge. Its beautiful, Its generous. Its everywhere. Its overwhelming generosity presents many questions including the most important one:

Where to begin from?

Let me start with the sense of gratitude. I am thankful for everything Mother Nature has gifted us with. This abundance should be our cue. Take only as much as you can return back with interest. And then go with it.

More on it as it comes...

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