Sunday, August 16, 2015

Learn to Paint, Paint to Learn


  Majestic - Recent Artwork

 When it comes to paint, I have always something to work on. Mostly because I finish with a start.

Let me explain. I usually have a subject chosen to paint. Mostly faces. Sometimes one person other times, many. Its either a study or complete drawing. In any case, I have more than one artwork to work on. Although only one gets on the easel but in planning, there is always more than one.

Majestic in a Room

As soon as I reach close to the end, I know exactly which one is next. And when I sign the work, which usually happens around the time the piece ends, I start off the new one. And that's when I clean up the area and call it a day.

Majestic 2

This is a tip I picked from some book and I have to say, it is a wonderful one! Give it a try if you ever find yourself facing a creative speed-bump or painter's block, I am sure, it will help you.

Majestic 2 
11 x 14
Acrylic on Paper
Available (Click below to purchase)


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