Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ever Changing Nature

Nature has its own mysterious ways to offer drama, amusement, and sense of immediacy for us to enjoy and interpret in our own words and capacity. Most times, a gorgeous view humbles and delights in the manner nothing else can - leaving me speechless in awe and wonder.

In moments like this, not knowing what better can I do, I try to put my ever-ready hd-camera to some use. In this post, I would like to share the recent captures the fleeting scenes of clouds floating in the vast spread of blue skies. Here are some humble attempts to catch those moments.

I took this picture from the middle of the street. I had to make an pico-second emergency stop to appreciate the Van Gogh painting created in the sky.

In the week of Halloween, setting sun put up an immense show to attract the attention from the human festivities.

 Sky as seen after a rainy day, as it started to clear off. limitless screens of clouds set a grand stage.

Mission San Jose skyscape

When the clouds settle in the rearview.

 A cloud parade

An early morning sky in this Fall

Summer Sky

Clouds rest on the cross-street, while a horse jumps at the top

Clouds on the loose

A down-quilt of clouds enveloping the sky

A heart on horizon

Are you a nature lover? Do you like to watch sky? It would be nice to see what you have to share.

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