Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year is Here!

Yay! It's new year! Can you believe it? I mean when you look back it's all seem like a dream, it's really hard o imagine how fast the time is flying by... I guess that's the best part of it. When you have a what you always wished for you lose track of the time and years seem to slide by so quickly.

Well, for the new year, I got these fancy earrings from my husband.

Quite cool, right?

New year brings back the time of introspection, sense of gratitude and a hopeful uncertainty for the future. This year I didn't make any resolutions, which I usually did in the past many years. I guess, I would want to learn atleast 9 new things this year.

Resolution for 2009

Why 9 things? Well, no points for guessing! 'Cuz it's 2009, that's why. I have to come up with what those 9 things are going to be. Well, with my Bond machine and a newfound interest for crochet, 2009 is a good start, nonetheless. Happy new year!

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