Monday, November 5, 2012

Coming back to blogging...

Oh. My. God. I haven't visited my own blog in past so many months. I check and re-check. That's right. I didn't post anything on it since March. That's like eternity in blog years.

I am almost embarrassed to have abandoned it at that. Let me think why that happened. Thinking aloud always unfogs my mind. There had been tons of posts waiting to be published but didn't happen as I didn't put those into words typed or otherwise :-( Bad blogger!

Okay, have to have some sort of discipline or this never happens. Know that "someday" is a very dangerous word (Thanks Tom Cruise who enlightened us in Knight and Day), its a synonym for "never".

So, here is a promise. To myself. To share what you are creating. Its possible. Its doable only if you do it.

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