Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here is my first plein air painting that we did in the early fall last year. The weather was warm, the light was perfect and the quiet of the area was inviting.

"Mission Hills" 14 x 11 oil on canvas

Until I did this one, I haven't had the courage or the inspiration to draw or paint from the nature directly. Sure, I had heard about it and had seen those people doing it but to actually experience it was an awesome experience. The instructor thought that it would be a good idea to get outside the classroom and give it a try. I wasn't all that excited in the beginning. Why leave the classroom setting to go out, carrying all the stuff?

Finally the day came. I got lost on my way to this foothill park where we were supposed to meet with our classmates. But that was a different story. I finally made it. After the instructor's demo, we set up our easels and took out the paints and other supplies.

For me, it was a long gap before I picked up my paint & brush and it was quite obvious as the caps of my paint-tubes were jammed. I tried my best to open it but a few refused completely. I took it to the instructor and he tried his best too before giving up. What must he be thinking!
The Sun started to come down slowly and that's the fun of on-the-spot painting- the light begins to change! It makes you understand the sense of urgency. So, I decided to borrow some paints from the classmates and get to it. I narrowed down the wide landscape for the canvas and set off.

Within an hour or so, the light was totally different and we had to wrap up the work. We came back at the time of next class. Its amazing how different the same hill looked now just after two days. So I chose to not add much to the work and started off another painting. That made this one an alla prima but not to the real sense as I did touch it a bit this time around as well.

Overall, I loved the experience. Everyone should try it atleast once. It makes you one with the nature in a very spiritual sense, no matter what your beliefs are. Give it a try, if you can!

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Reshma Sanjeev said...

Bhavna, you are so talented. You paint, Knit and you cook awesome dishes, I have not tasted but they look delicious.