Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eggless Banana Raisin Cake


AP flour 2 c
B Soda   1.5 tsp
Salt         1/2 tsp
Sugar       1 c
Oil            1/4 c
Bananas   4 (ripe, mashed well)
Milk         1/4 c
Cardamom 4 - 6 ground
Raisin      handful


1. Mix AP flour, baking soda and salt
2. Mix rest of the ingredients together
3. Mix 1 and 2 above
4. Grease the baking dish and pour the mixture
5. Bake as per your oven setting
6. Let it cool for 20 minutes and enjoy!

1 comment :

Reshma Sanjeev said...

Bhavna, It looks so easy to bake. I am going to try. But when I do not know....:-). Keep the posts coming.