Monday, January 6, 2014

Knitter Quitter

I almost not knit anymore.

But a very lucky friend chose to delight us with the best news of the year. She was going to have a baby!

Opportunity of baby knit knocked! So, let's just say, I quit knitting but knitting didn't let me. Grabbed me and didn't let me go until I finished that baby clothing - sweater, booties and hat. So, I told myself I was done.

And as any knitter would tell you, you just can't stop at one. That's almost unethical in the religion of knitting. So flew my needles and there was one more! Yes, the whole set - sweater, booties and hat.

Well, I forced myself to stop there. Really! But there was this last skein of stash left in the bag. And you can't be heartless to leave it there without turning it into a wearable. Think about the poor yarn. So. I had to crochet a scarf. I didn't even try but it got made. Like a miracle.

I tell you, I am finally done for this season. Until next project!

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