Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 19 & 20(Wed/ Thursday): Pastel Portrait

I have the urge to work on larger pieces. The biggest that I have is paper base of 18 x 24. Being non canva, it can't take oil. But it can handle pastel. Good enough - I had a compromise. Use pastel until  I find, (read buy), a bigger or similar working surface. I think oil pastels could have worked, but I just have a very limited sticks to offer the wide range I need for the portrait.

As a beginner I would have laughed if someone mentioned the necessity of green or purple for the face, and funny it may seem now, I cannot do much without these two colors!

Green, specially, yellow green is such a cheer spreader. I think everything is color anemic until this touches the surface. Just a thought!

Okay, so, I finished the second portrait and cleaned it up on Thursday.Hard pastels are somewhat less intense but very forgiving. I like to use it.

More tomorrow!

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