Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 7: Landscape from Picture

Garden Scene from picture is finished and is sent out of the studio.

It presented a good number of learning opportunities. Here is a summary:

  • To create a backyard garden scene, I planned to use a limited palette. To my amazement, that still didn't limit the spectrum of hues. Who would have thought that! There are atleast a dozen different shades of green in between the few steps of value gradation. :-)
  • All you need is a few strokes. The more you drag, the less impact it makes.
  • I finally understood what it means to see your painting before you bring your brush to the canvas. 
  •  I need more paint and bigger canvases. 

There is a thought on the timing. Sometimes all you need is, a push. Just a teeny tiny one. And you set out like a car on auto-drive. But how about the times when you need little more than that to keep your momentum. Well, we will see.

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