Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep 29 (Plus week of 22 - 26): Day 43rd today

Status Update

I have some progress during this week. Its about time I had some pics of the work available here. But I think, it is better to hold off for now.

If you are one of the models, please feel free to mail me for the pictures. I will be happy to send you yours WIP picture log.

To do

As I look at the numbers, I feel this project has slowed down quite a bit. The reasons are many but I have to focus on what's been accomplished. So, here are some guidelines for self:

  • By the end of the week, have one piece ready from start to finish.
  • Organize the to-do list datewise.
  • Mail out the drafts.
  • Update FB group on closing of call

Other Stuff

Last week, I had the opportunity to met with many artists during an exhibition reception. Some were new but most were quite experienced. They work in different media.

Its amazing to encounter so many creative people who use interesting ways to express themrselves. We shared lots of ideas and I was offered some great pieces of advice.

As I get back to the regular workday, I think about the event and the inspiring crowd.

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