Thursday, August 4, 2016

Portraits of National Parks - #1 Bighorn Mountains, Wy

 The Summer has an elixiric effect on the creatives. Bleaching sun, longer days, and overload of inspiration - makes a perfect recipe to get outdoors and paint. This summer is especially generous and I could devote myself to some of the most beautiful national parks.

Growing up in the mountainous region, I have special bond and affinity for the beauty of grandeur and enormity that mountains offer us.

"Bighorn Mountains" - Portrait of National Park #1
12 x 16 unframed

This is a landscape of Bighorn Mountain range in northern Wyoming and southern Montana, forming a northwest-trending spur from the Rocky Mountains extending approximately 200 miles northward on the Great Plains.

Conveniently located halfway between Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, the Bighorns are a great vacation destination in themselves. No region in Wyoming is provided with a more diverse landscape - from lush grasslands to alpine meadows, from crystal-clear lakes to glacially-carved valleys, from rolling hills to sheer mountain walls.

 Lush brushstrokes of cad yellow, cerulean blue and a mix of violets

Purple, pinks, and sienna in different proportions

Crimson, Rose accented on sienna and lemon yellow

I took artistic liberty to paint the scene with the colors that I saw, not the ones that were there. Painting nature made the heart sing, go wild, and be one with the nature. 

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