Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grey Leg Warmers

The need for this project necessitated the creation of this item. Again, it was that time when I hardly cared for saving the labels or measuring the swatch. The info I have is the following -

Cast on: Thumb method
Color: Winter Grey
Yarn: Mohair-look Synthetic (no-dye lot)
Stitch: Ribbing and Stockinette
Needle Size: US 10.5


It took me almost 4 hours to complete the pair. That kind of amazed me too but the best part was that the warmers fit me very snugly and are way too useful for me. It's a great piece to keep me warm! The yarn is machine-washable & dryable and thus easy to maintain.

Pattern Info

It's an original design but can be copied and you may have the pattern info by emailing me.

Design Copyrighted. Please do not use anything from this site without my consent.

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