Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Starry Night - Black Top

This was my first knitted piece for self. I don't really remember how long it took me to finish this but I think it was almost 3-5 weeks.

Knitting Info

Cast on: Cable method
Sleeve type: Raglan pleated
Neck Shape: Square front in raglan setting
Stitch type: Stockinette
Ribbing: 2k2p
Color: Black with shine ply


I learnt various aspects of shape and setting through this sweater. First raglan pattern and that too, by mistake! I didn't intend to make it this way but as the project progressed, I realized it making it fully-fashioned(a term used to suggest non-raglan setting). The results are pleasing and when I showed it to one of the neighbor she totally fell in love with it and borrowed the pattern.

I helped her get started on knitting and she encouraged me to hold a workshop on this fiber-art! It was some four or five years back. And yet, that still remains on my to-do list.

I recently met someone who reminded me of the workshop. And well, I am thinking I might give it some serious thought....but LOL!

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pragya said...

Hey Bhavna,very nice site.If you decide to hold a knitting workshop,I'd like to learn from you..Great work.