Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sky and Clouds

This was a gift to my husband and was my first attempt at an adult sweater. I made a good number of mistakes during this project and thankfully, learnt a lot from this. As I progressed, I realized, there is a lot of planning that goes into creating a garment. It not only makes you creative but also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

I had made a few baby sweaters earlier, but as the 'hard part' arrived, mom volunteered to help and next thing I'd know the sweater is complete and ready to wear! So, I was really proud of myself for finishing this solo from conception to finish.

The Yarn, Needle, and Swatch Info

I hadn't saved labels for the yarn that I used but I still have the sample available. It's a more like Boucle yarn but I am not sure about it. I used needle size US 10.5. The color I is light blue and white.

Cast on: Cable method
Sleeve type: set-in
Neck Shape: V
Stitch type: Stockinette

About the Project

This project started based on the approximations of the size & fitting and the initial estimation was such that it would have finished a sweater that could fit two into one! But hey, it was my first serious project :-) It got unraveled multiple times, knitted back in different styles atleast three times before it turned into one it is now.

I didn't really pay attention to keep a log of the stitches I casted on for the body or sleeves. But I can surely count it and give the pattern free of cost if you ask nicely!

Although it was not the best fitted piece I put together but my husband is sweet enough to wear this sweater few times a year in the winters. :-)

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