Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another catagory coming up in Creativity Corner

Hola! It's a beautiful sunny day in Fremont and what can be cozier than sitting down with your laptop, nibbling on buttered sweetpotato cubes and enjoying the new ideas floating around. One such cool idea I just had is to arrange the book-list I regularly refer to as part of my creativity mission.

Details of the cool idea

I am talking about the books I have read, consulted, or taken inspiration from, mainly for the purpose of creating art, crafts and other stuff in life.

Then, if time permits, I will also try to put a few words about the non-arts books I would read along the way. I will compile a list of the books I have read or have been meaning to read under separate sections. I guess that will bring back memories of near and far; about people I think about and also things that shaped the 'present me' of my personality.

What do I usually read

I love to read non-fiction. I strongly feel that life is the best thing to write about and the next best thing is to know and learn from the experiences of others. Have you seen Sideways? There is a character in the movie who bumps into a novel-writer (a manuscript actually and is waiting to hear from the publishers) and asks him why is he even bothered about the fiction, there is so much more in real life than making up a story about people who don't even exist! He completely reflects the thoughts I have about fiction. The writer can make the character do impossible things, can make people have change of heart any time and the topper is that the end can be altered at any point!

People have been the greatest source of inspiration to me. And that's the reason why biographies interest me so much. I think, the list will be dominated by them, but we will see what other contenders would be.

My strong bond with libraries

I could not thank my stars enough when we moved to California where we went to one of the best libraries of the world - Santa Clara Central Park Library.


It has amazing collection of biographies! You name it, they have it (well, almost!) They also have an immense collection of pretty much everything else.

I have been a member of all the main libraries of Bay Area. Besides above mentioned, I would rate Sunnyvale, San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Alameda libraries in my spare time. So let me close this posting with a thread for the next one - The new category would be called Book Reviews.

Thanks for reading and feel free to recommend the books you liked. That might jump on this list.

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