Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pink and Blue Cardigan revisited

Behind the scenes

I started this sweater when Adya was almost 5 months or so old. I wanted to try the 'Feather and Fan' pattern and so I experimented with these two colors. The result was superb. The wavelike effect looked very nice on the sweater. I used US 10.5 and thus the sweater grew quickly. I finished the back within a week's time.

Then I started the front and when I reached near completion, I realized it was hard to make the neck because it would end in a wave. I tried many ways to fix it but in vain. Frustrated, I gave up on this piece.

It was lying in some dark corner of the closet until this year I showed it to someone for the pattern info. That's when I decided to work on it again. One day my husband suggested why didn't I make the neck in a square and finish it off. I looked at the piece and guess what, it was the excellent advice! That was the only way to make the neck in a complicated wavy pattern!

So, I picked up stitches from the front end and made a u-neck with all pointed edges. Then I joined the shoulders in invisible join stitch. And finished the sweater by making the front button-strip.

I was never this happy to get a sweater completed than this one. And what's more satisfying is that it fits her well even after a year. And special thanks to hubby dear! :-)

The front view of the cardigan

The back of the sweater - there is no neck band in this part

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