Friday, December 5, 2008

Pondering Over the Painting

I am thinking of completing this painting that I started some two years back. It needs a lot of work.

First, I need to buy some new brushes. The 2 I had are not in the greatest shape anymore. Once there, I will have to touch the right side of the work with the pastel shades of oil colors. Not sure how well I would be able to capture the effect of light but I will try nonetheless.

Then I will give a second coat to the left side and finally heap up some paint on the overall picture.

So, what I am looking at is atleast a month of uninterrupted dedication. If I wok from weekend to weekend, the target date should be sometime close to March. Let's see if I can meet that deadline.

If I come anywhere close to restart this work, I would consider that a success. :-)


roopanjalimisra said...

Excellent job Bhavna !

Bhavna said...

Thank you! I now realized how much is there to learn during the process. :-)