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Rosemary Petal - Pattern & Chart

Pattern for the Lavender Pullover (Rosemary Petal)

Yarn: Lavender Jazz of Chunky USA
Swatch info: 12 x 16
Needle size: US 10 and US 11


1. Cast on 48 st using either methods(I used thumb method).
2. Make a ribbing of 2k2p for 13 rows
3. Divide the stitches in three parts. Prepare central panel for the cable pattern 1.
(See below for the chart)
4. Rest of the stitches are worked in stockinette st.
5. Knit even until the armhole shaping.
6. Shape the neck for a turtleneck.
7. Shape shoulder at 76th row and BO at 78th row.

Chart for Cable Pattern 1


1. Cast on 48 st (same as front)using either methods(I used thumb method).
2. Make a ribbing of 2k2p for 13 rows (as for the front)
3. Pick the central panel of 44 + 4 extra st.
4. Work Cable pattern 2 (Bubbles) on the central panel.
5. No shaping for the armholes needed in the back.
6. Shape shoulders at 76th row and BO at 78th.

Chart for cable Pattern 2

Sleeves (Make two)

1. CO 48 st.
2. Divide the st in three parts and worked cable patt 2 on central.
3. Decrease 1 st at either side every 4th row.
4. Make ribbing when desired 26 st reached.


1. Join shoulders and pick up st using tp needles
2. Work in rounds for 12 rows in 2k2p ribbing.
3. BO, break the yarn and darn it in neatly.


1. Sew front and back using invisible stitch.
2. Sew the inside of sleeves.
3. Darn any loose strands.

Some Pics for fun

This is the swatch of the 'Bubbles'

Here is my swatch

Swatch for Cable Pattern 1

And this is how it turned out on the sweater.


Just to make sure there are no copyright issues with the patterns I adopted for this sweater let me report the sources for both cables. These are taken from "Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volumes 2".

If you are interested my review is available at

Here are other details on the project with more pictures.


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