Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rosemary Petal

Yes, that's what I call this pullover. I have to pinch myself and remind that it's over. It's actually done. I had so many retakes on this project that I am kind of exhausted (hand then to machine, mistake in pattern, again back to machine, finally landing on needles). And so very glad to get it done, finally!

I kept a day-by-day picture record of the project. When you see the pics, you'd know what I mean.

Day 1

Day 2
I know! It was quite a progress in the second day. And not to mention the coziness the handknitting had brought to the piece.

Day 3
I had finished the front and started the back.

Day 4
The back is nearly complete.

Day 5

I worked on the sleeves. The initial idea was to make the sleeves upside down because I started to have the feeling that I will run short of yarn if I stick to initially planned long sleeves. So I started sleeves using circular needles with an estimate of 66 st. It was very obvious that this count was way more than what I could handle, secondly, I didn't really enjoy knitting in circle for the sleeves. So, here I was, unraveled the sleeves entirely and redid it using sp needle.

Day 6
Okay, by now I had serious doubts about the remaining skeins and I chose to make the neck first and use the leftover for the sleeves. I was sincerely hoping for some sleeves!

Day 7

The sleeves are worked and I kept thinking to myself, when would I know to stop to start the ribbing. Guess what, I managed to make a decent 3/4 sleeve and correct amount of ribbing before exhausting all of the yarn.

Day 8

No work - I had a bad case of upset stomach.

Day 9

I joined all the parts together. Yum yum! My first formal sweater is ready to wear!

Final Word

The best part about this sweater was the use of my statsh! It was there in the original brown bag since I bought it last year. I knew that 4 skeins are just not sufficient for my own pullover but finally I put my creative self to work and the result was a completed piece! I am just so proud of myself that I want to make another sweater for me! I am sure my HD would be little horrified at the idea but hey, he is the biggest fan of my work :-)


Zaz said...

gorgeous sweater OX i was wondering too what the rosemary petal pattern related to.
did you link it to your blog here from ravelry? plus you're so slender, like a doll :-)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for your all too generous comments.

I liked the color so much that I named the sweater that.

I am not sure if I linked this particular post but yes, the pattern page is connected.

Keep visiting... I will be flattered to have your presence around here.

Bhavna said...

The link to the pattern is here -