Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year again! So much fun reminding yourself what a blessed life you have and not to mention the 'heartfelt' (read heart shaped)gifts you get. It can't get any better if your favorite colors are red and/or pink. Or black or white!

Guess what my last year's gift was - roomba, a vacuuming robot! It's a nice gift, but hey what this has got to do with Valentine's. But you know what, after being married for double-digit number of years, things evolve to a completely different level.

Many of the things come so very naturally that you cannot feel more grateful for the wonderful life you have as an individual and as a couple. Ok, so where was I? At the gift - right! I am not so sure about this year's surprise but I guess something sparkling and wearable would make a great gift *hint, hint*

What do I want to give

I am one of those people who celebrate, just because! What's there not to cherish anyway. I wanna give a collection of 'our' songs to DH, selected, burnt, and well-wrapped. Let's see if that works out. To my little angel, I wanna make a heart-in-the-middle sweater (don't tell me you already guessed that one!) but then again, that means another trip to the local yarnstore and with my broken car I have to rethink on that one. But something valentinish definitely would pop out of this mommy.

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