Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March is the national month for

I tried to find a comprehensive official list for what each month signifies but haven't found one yet. Here is something I stumbled upon on the web, not sure how authentic this is. Anyways, sharing as is -

March is the national month for several important causes.

Arts Awareness
Asian American Awareness
Crochet (Is it?)
Ethics Awareness
Hemophilia Awareness
International Listening Awareness
Mental Handicap Awareness
Mental Retardation Awareness
National Caffeine Awareness
National Crafts (Thanks to Joann's newsletter)
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness
National MS Education
National Peanut
Pollution Awareness
Nutrition Awareness
Parenting Awareness
Poison Awareness
Women's History (My local library told me first)

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