Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Spring is almost here and tis the reason enough to bring it on my canvas. So here goes -

Size: 20 x 16
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Brushes: Filbert 12, Flat 10, and White Sable 6

I chose to stick to neutral tones of the cheery colors of the flowers for I wasn't sure how the color blast will affect the final outcome. And as the painting is finished I can safely say that I can be bolder next time I work on a similar theme.

At this time, I am just glad to be able to come back to painting and having to actually finish something with paint & brush! And in the retrospection, it wasn't so hard after all for this work that derived inspiration from Kim Parker's Garden of Love. All you need is the right theme, project depth and support of your toddler :-) There was a lot of pink (see notes below) that I planned to use and thankfully, it fitted into this theme very well. Some yellow-green, however didn't mesh well and I toned it down with pale sap green. I also made multiple shades of peach, mauve and crimson to satisfactory levels. I missed cerulean for some reason. I didn't know it's hard to make but then again, there is some substitute in the palette somewhere.

Color Notes

I used most of the following hues for Spring
Pinks using Alizarin Crimson in different tints by Titanium White
Mauves with Alizarin Crimson with Pthalo Blue and white
Greens Sap was the only green in my box and played with it mixing in Cadmium Yellow & white
Blues Pthalo Blue


Similar work could be repeated for a bigger canvas with some intense colors or to coordinate with the room and furniture.

I will look at the piece for the rest of the time and try to figure out what could have been done differently. I know there is a lot to be desired but hey, I need to give myself credit for stealing some me time when there was none!

Books References

Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sidaway

Unaddressed Questions

For the flowers does Permanent Rose give any better output? I also noticed a Magenta on the shelves, was wondering if that could be a choice instead of Perm Rose for Cherry Blossoms, my future project?


Anand said...

It's a nice piece of work with a quick turn-around time! I liked the color combination and, I agree, you can customize it in a future project.

the girl who knows too much said...

Beautiful! Did you teach yourself to paint or did you train? In any case its very beautiful!

Bhavna said...

Many thanks! Yes, I had taken a few lessons in painting few years ago. I love to experiment with different types of medium and color-families.