Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 2 - Charcoal Portrait Started

Not sure why my last post is missing from the blogosphere!

I can no longer recall exactly what was on that post. Ummm, that's not very effective! Okay so, let me take a moment and see.

I think, the last post was about the first day. Actually, that Isn't very brilliant given this post is titled Day 2. So, I guess, it was on what I did for that bigger goal. I read. And I am quite glad that finally I understood the theory behind the value, intensity, hue and temperature.

Reading counts.** But its the doing that impresses the understanding better. Its like, confirming by testing it yourself. So, that was something left for the next day.

I am convinced that if heart truly desires something, that thing inevitably becomes accessible .
  • Define expectation clearly to see the outcome clearly.
  •  Give it a timeline and work smart. Hard work is essential, naturally. 
  •  Make sure you enjoy every part of the journey, otherwise its a chore. And this chore, in turn, makes the next step even a harder chore.

That was pretty much about the first day. getting back to day 2.

I practiced drawing. A charcoal pencil portrait. Worked good on marking the edges, its where the artistic eye comes handy. Worked on values.

 ** Margaret Kessler's Color Harmony

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