Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year New Projects (Project Friends Ends)

I am quite excited to announce that the portrait series that was started around a theme has been finished. With a year full of learning, I am happy that I could not only meet the deadline but also could paint to my heart's delight!

Here are some snippets of this journey:

  • Over a twenty portraits completed.
  • Process: Photoshoot, photoprint, finalize a picture, paint. Repeat.
  • I tried almost all the media - pen , pencil, pastel (hard and soft)
  • I fell in love with oil all over again.
  • On the side, I could start another series.
  • Created other unrelated pieces for the exhibition acceptance. 

18 x 24.5
Soft pastels on paper

I feel, I could educate myself on many aspects of studio arts and the importance of preparedness towards the creative process. The sentiment with which this whole series was conceived and finished was met with lots of encouragement and I tried my best to offer nothing but the best.

I could not include many into the series purely due to lack of available time. I am sure, we would work on something together in the future.

Now we look forward to the public viewing of this artwork. I will post updates on that very soon. Till then!

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