Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hand Lettering, Language, and Art

 Dream Big!

Growing up, like most kids, I would doodle and draw all the time. The margins of the notebooks were filled with smiling faces, bright eyes, random shapes, spirals, cubes, and figures. Expressing through arts, as they call it, was a happy outlet.

It definitely helped me focus better and think clearly. Maths was my favorite. Having to write less and expressing more was best balance that my right and left brain made through maths and drawings.

Playing with words and letters was another favorite. Writing the alphabets in different possible ways was an exercise to explore how to convert a word into a picture. Adding a visual appeal to what's been written in plain and simple words seemed like a right thing to do. Many letter were quite prominent in getting the preference such as B.  There were more than a fifty different ways to write B. And I tell you, this was over the top fun. It pleases me to know there are training schools that teaches you this natural artform. (Check course Lettering 101)

 Have a pen, will draw!

Classmates would ask me to write their names in different letterings and I was more than happy to oblige. I remember one of my classmates, how she would insist on touching the surface of the paper to feel the letters written. I would laugh it off but she insisted that it felt different when its written well. Oh, how I would like to believe her! Looking back, I wanna tell her how right she was. To me, its very comforting to see something written well.

My Name
(Two Point Perspective)
Even without a training, we look at something, we know when its aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  That's sometimes called to have an artistic eye.  We all have it. How much we relish it, is a personal choice. To gauge the artistic talent, many teachers find it a useful tool to check the hand-writing. Its not accurate, but its a good starting point.

Say it with a song!

I am triligual. I can read and write three languages. When using one, my mind automatically translates it into the rest of the two. I can read in one and speak in the other without breaking the flow. Long time ago, this got me a job of news reader, in broadcasting. But that was a different story. Here the point is, its a privilege to be able to express with the aid of words and pictures.

Speaking of languages, I often contemplate the idea of learning sign language but haven't yet. I hope I soon do.  

In the meantime, I ask you to try playing with your words. Make your words sing to you, doodle if you like, create a visual story. Give it a try.  You'll enjoy it, I am sure!

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