Friday, December 11, 2015

Art, Show, and Long Nights

December is already halfway past and before you know, it would be time to welcome the new year! I like this rush, the urgency, and the festivities this time of the year brings.
The days are short, evenings are early, and the nights are looong. This means more time indoors - more time with family.

In terms of creativity the process takes the different spin. It starts to align to the slower pace of artmaking. I like this nature driven healthy and wholesome intervention for the creatives. In response to season's suggestion, I transition from demanding painting to humble aspect of artmaking, that is, drawing. So, in this time, painting seems to become somewhat infrequent and drawing dominates most genres of my art-work. Which in turn, helps me revisit the fundamentals and prepare better for the later. The drawing and coloring that I can do cuddled up in the couch or bed has its own rhythm. Its like nature telling you to slow down, analyze what you have, and enjoy the basics. And I listen.

This December is no exception. The group show rushed us artists to bring out our best works to show and once it is over, we can happily step back and enjoy the season.

Today, I look forward to meeting friends, old and new during the reception of my solo. Without their support, things hardly make any sense.

I also like to take the moment to show my gratitude towards the gallery showing my work. I am very thankful to the people who made it happen for me. They showed trust in a dreamy newbie - it is a huge step towards encouraging and supporting art and the artist. And in return, this artist assures to keep doing her best!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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