Monday, December 21, 2015

Complete Circle of Animals

I am excited and honored to present you the result of my journey of animal portraiture . While researching for this project, I learnt a lot and I hope the viewer will be delighted with the results.

 Circle of Animals

 Collage of zodiac animals in the order

About the Artwork
The Chinese zodiac is also called "circle of animals". It is a scheme and systematic plan that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes according to a 12-year mathematical cycle. The term "zodiac" reflects several similarities to the actual calendar of 12 months.

Each year is represented by the names of animals and each is widely associated with a culture of ascribing a person's personality or events in his/her life to the supposed influence of the person's particular relationship to the cycle. Although similar to Western zodiac, it has 12 parts the two have major differences: the Chinese 12-part cycle corresponds to years, rather than months. The Chinese zodiac is represented by 12 animals, whereas some of the signs in the Western zodiac are not animals, despite the implication of the Greek etymology of "zodiac". The animals of the Chinese zodiac are not associated with constellations spanned by the ecliptic plane.

These sign animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Here are the individual oil paintings. Enjoy!

 Little Bunny

  Wild Boar

 Dhole dogs made an entrance in the series as Daisy (as in the collage above) found a happy home.

 Mother Gorilla with Baby

 Mother Buffalo with the Baby

 Brown Mouse

 Mother Sheep with the Baby


 White Tiger

 Australian Pony


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