Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Art Class 11 to 20

Class 11

For the 11th class we had a demo from the instructor. We had a model sit for almost 1:30 hours and he drew it using vine charcoal. It turned out to be a wonderful experience to watch a portrait coming to life from a real person in front of you. Mr Wu has speed and talent, the result was beautiful.

Class 12

I was the model for this class. I was drawn by everyone. I had to sit still for the 2:30 hours with 5-10 minutes break every half an hour. It was something you'd do atleast once to understand what meditation is all about. I would surely do it again if paid well. :-P

I fell ill couple of days after this class. So missed 13th and 14th. That was a major toll. I didn't only miss the class but also a good part of my enthusiasm. Okay, I would recover it soon but for the time being it dampened my spirits big time.

Class 15

Okay, this time my instructor fell sick. Class got canceled.

Class 16

Last session of portrait drawing practice and try quite hard for me to concentrate. Thats sucked. I had trouble sitting straight for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. I whine quietly and try to work. I thought I did not do so bad for the first time live model drawing. But I am sure I could do better. Oh well, I have excuse for not doing the best so I move on.

Class 17

We get a demo of pastel portrait drawing. Totally amazing results with those crayon-like sticks. What wonders the right tools can do in the right hands. Awesome. Even if you are not an artist, you should try to take an arts class, the experience will liberate you like nothing before.

Class 18

Our turn to try any medium of our choice. I stick to charcoal. We have a live model. She looks composed and oblivious to her surroundings. I was late for the class. I look for a better spot to sit and draw but all are taken. I chose to sit where I see her but not to the satisfaction. So I did a half-baked job that day. Moral of the story. Be prepared and prepared well.

Class 19

Homework was due and we had presentation.

Class 20

Another portrait practice session. I made sure to sit at the advantageous spot and take it slowly. I think I did one good job this time. Hello quality work, here I come! This one is somewhat presentable by my standards.

Upcoming class 21

The last(I think)portrait practice session. I hope to try pastel for this one. I am excited like a child.

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