Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eyeglass Cover

I used the chunky yarn for this. Few highlights of this project are -


The handle is made using an I-cord. An I-cord is a knitted tube that is made with two open ended knitting needles. The result is so pretty that I would like to make a bigger rug using this technique.

Fancy Ribbing

In the back of the case I used a slightly different ribbing called - twist-stitch rib. It really stands out in thick yarns.

Nosegay Pattern

The pattern is fairly complicated. I wanted to try it to compare how much effort would go into a bigger project if I choose this pattern. And I am glad I did as this took a long time for the pattern to show up - one and two, if you twist a stitch or slip one wrongly, the entire pattern looks messy. Too much for a cute pattern :-)


A transparent button is fastened using a back button. You really have to look at the picture hard to find the button.

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