Tuesday, May 6, 2008

White Cap

The snow-white yarn is used in 10.0US needles.

This is how it looks when worn.

Pattern Info

1: Cast on 96 stitches and purl all stitches
2: Rib for 2cm
3: Work even till the piece is 9cm

1: *K7, k2tog, rep * to end
2: K1 row even
3: *K6, k2tog, rep * to end
4: K1 row even
5: *K5, k2tog, rep * to end
6: K1 row even
7: *K4, k2tog, rep * to end
8: K1 row even
9: *K3, k2tog, rep * to end
10: K1 row even
Till 11 stitches remain on the needle

Cut the yarn leaving a tail enough for sewing. Pull it through the stitches. Sew the open ends. Weave in the loose yarn.

The close-up of the finished center.

A pompom, i-cord knot, or a knitted flower can be added to the finished piece. For a seamless cap, use circular needles.

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